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Default Re: Solstice Nightlife?


Originally Posted by You
I'm 24 and am going on the repositioning cruise april 19th - may 4th

what is the nightlife like? specifically for those in their 20's/early 30s

where are the places to go and how late are they open? any help would be appreciated!
Celebrity is NOT Carnival when it comes to night life on the wild side, but there's certainly plenty to do in the evening. There's a show in the theater every evening, which is always after dinner if you have first seating but may be either before or after dinner if you have second seating. There's always at least one lounge with a live combo for dancing, and there's the usual run of Karioke and other activities. Transatlantic cruises usually have more "after hours" events than normal including a "big band" party, a 50's party, a country & western party in the late evening. On one of my Transatlantic cruises, there were also a couple wine and cheese parties in the late evening. After midnight, the casino and the disco generally keep going until the crowd leaves, usually around 2:30 or 3:00.

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