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Good Morning CruiseMates!

Well Donna it is dark here too in Indiana. It looks like over the next week or so we'll probably won't get much above the 50's but the good news is there are only a few nights where it will get down below freezing. That makes me very happy.

Well I only have about 4 bags of pellets left. Not sure what to do. I may go down and see if any of the stores have any left. I saw some a week or so ago, just don't recall where lol. I have only turned the stove on in the mornings when we wake up. it gets a little chilly inside around the low sixties, so I just kick it on in the morning when we wake up for a few hours. Once it gets up to around 75 I turn it off for the rest of the day. Then at night once I start cooking dinner, the house warms right up again.

I am kind of excited, I found out there is some property I have long wanted to buy, and it is now for sale. The price is good. I spoke to the guy handling it last night and I may be able to buy it. I hope to hear more from him in the next week or so. Cross your fingers it works out.

Well finally got some more meds for d/d yesterday evening. It always seems to take forever for the Doctors to get the meds phoned into the pharmacy. She had a peaceful sleep last night with very little coughing, so it was worth the wait.

D/h had to drive to Bloomington today for a meeting. He's been really tired this week. I think he's been staying up too late, blowing things up on his computer. Most nights I have been hitting the hay before him and I think he just needs to give up and go to sleep earlier. He'll get used to his new routine. I think he may also be coming down with d/d's bug.

I spoke to d/h's Mom yesterday. It seems they will be coming down for a visit in about a month. They haven't come down in several years due to her health issues, but it seems she is up to it and they will be coming for d/s's birthday. At a point d/h and I discussed it and we had concluded that they probably would never be able to come back down for another visit and so I basically dismantled the guestroom which was never really a guestroom but the sunroom converted into a sleeping area for them. Well now we have the fifth wheel and they can stay out there, so that all has to be cleaned since it has sat all winter since the factory replaced the roof and sidewalls in October. BTW I just got notified that the manufacturer filed for bankruptcy, so I am sure glad I got the thing in to be worked on last year while it was under warranty. I sure feel bad for all those folks in the Elkhart area who have lost their jobs and now are faced with relocating to find work. This area hasn't been impacted nearly as hard as others by the recession. I kind of feel like we took the big manufacturing exodus over the past 20 years, so there isn't much left to impact us. I think we hit bottom a long time ago, about the time of the first Persian Gulf War when the economy took a giant dump, and our GM plant here closed down and then many other factories closed or moved production down to Mexico since.

Well that's our exciting news here as the sun decides to rise and I contemplate what chores to attack first.

Hope you all have a great day. Prayers to those of you going through a tough time.

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