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Good Morning Cruisemates and all the ships at sea!

What a sunny way to end the week, RDonna. The picture is beautiful!

The weather here is cloudy as well and is supposed to provide us with yet more rain later on. We're definitely out of our extended drought and we're so thankful of that. Now if it could just give me one or two beautiful days to cut the "jungle" again!

I think I related the amount of my hospital bill when I got my Defibrillator implant and how I thought it was ridiculously high. Well, I was wrong. I was just notified yesterday that after contractual obligations, the total amount paid to the hospital was over $202,300.00! I was wrong on the cost of the little ICD itself when I said it cost as much as a high end Buick. It actually cost as much as a dressed out Mercedes "S" Class. The hospital received $89,000.00 for it alone!

I told Fran if they'd told me how much the total would cost, I would have negotiated with them by telling them, "Look, just send me a check for 150 grand to use for cruising and I'll take my chances on how long I stick around." I'm serious when I say I am not even worth the amount of the initiaL bill, much less what it ended up costing. II am already 62 and without that thing in my chest, I well might have lived as much as another five, possibly even ten years. I've had a wonderful life full of Blessings and am just sick when I realize how far such a huge amount of money would have gone toward helping very sick children. Well, what's done is done.

Hope everyone has a magnificent weekend! Prayers go out to those on the list and may Blessings shower upon each of you.

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