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Good Morning Mates,

Dark, rainy, windy. RD and I are sharing much the same weather. Tomorrow they say 60 - I find that hard to believe.

Off to work in a bit. Funeral yesterday was the most amazing one I have ever been too. But it did leave me drained. It was emotional,
and with the lack of sleep, I felt totally depleted by the time I got home.

Today will be catch up I don't know how I ended up with so much to do at the church office this week, or if I was just poorly organized, or if I just had more interuptions than usual. I just know I have a lot left to do.
Also need to get to the store - We are out of toilet paper, thank the Good Lord for Kleenex. Also I need lots of wrapping paper for the baby shower tomorrow. Also need to get some shopping done for the Church breakfast.

Well I just keep sitting here thinking of all that needs to be done, so I best get moving.

Hope everyone has a good day -
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