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Originally Posted by You
The long dress and jacket are a material that is easy to pack and does not wrinkle and the jacket is really the part that makes the outfit look more dressy. But Yes I am packing a shaw/wrap because I don't want to be cold.
That's fine. You can wear the jacket on one "formal" evening and the shawl the other to get two different looks.

Originally Posted by You
Yes I do want to look sort of elegant in a low key way. Also reading that formal night on the Alaska cruise is dressier then other cruises, now that surprises me.
It's not. AFAIK, Princess still "suggests" (by social etiquette, this is NOT optional) that gentlemen wear either "black tie" (tuxedo or dinner jacket outfit) or a dark business suit and that ladies wear a full-length dress, a cocktail dress, or a silk (formal) pant suit for the "formal" evenings. It's often called "modified black tie" because some of the options, although very elegant, are not quite up to the real "black tie" standard.

But when Princess adopted the "Personal Choice Cruising" theme a few years ago, two things happened.

>> 1. The marketing campaign drew a lot of arrogant boors who refuse to conform and don't care that their failure to comply really does detract from the ambiance of the evening.

>> 2. Some people, including travel agents, thought that "Personal Choice Cruising" was the same thing as Norwegian Cruise Line's "Freestyle Cruising" in spite of significant differences. Norwegian Cruise Line officially replaced "formal" evenings with "formal optional" evenings and avertising that fact, so some people thought that Princess had done the same.

The result is that Princess ended up with a significant percentage of passengers who don't comply with the dress code.

Originally Posted by You
If I find another nice formal type outfit this could be fun!!!
Husband is going to rent the tux. This saves him from having to pack a suit.
That works!

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