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this bites! emails sent...

y'all should read some of the carp being posted over 'there'....including a RCPer calling non RCPers morons....or something like that......

so i shall not make hasty decisions, but i shall shop around.....all of our cruises were in JSs except 1. 3 were 7 nighters, one was 9, one was 12 and 3 were 5 9tow of THOSE were a B2B)......57 nghts at sea...that's not small potatoes to me......

and sure, i can go on Freedom class..BUT then i have to haul tushie to FLAUSA so i either have to fly (mom hates it) ,take Amtrak (gotta have a sleeper..TOO much dinero) or drive....what a PITA
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