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Originally Posted by Snoozeman
Very disappointing. I think a lot of people will look else where now. I know I have lost my incentive. Who's to say once I get my 25th cruise they then won't raise it again to another level. Big mistake IMHO. Oh well, more Princess and Carnival for me now.
Agreee completly. We are D+ but this whole thing still ticks me.

I am completely embarressed now. I have clients who will turn D on their Independence cruise (TA) and was very pleased with myself telling them when they return to the states on April of 2010 on the Independence they will be able to go into the CL lounge. Now I have to tell them that isn't going to happen. (while looking for another ship for them as they won't be happy.)

I just hate when someone makes me look a fool.
Dec. 13 - Windstar sailing yacht. Wonderful!!

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and some unknown tub

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