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Default St. Thomas Shopping Hours Info

I emailed the editor at, and, got this info on shopping hours for the 3 shopping areas in St Thomas....hope it will help.....


Monday through Saturday, including Holidays: 9am-5pm

*Exception: the stores downtown close for the VI Carnival Children’s and Adult’s Parade which are usually the last Friday and Saturday of April; but sometimes they fall on the first Friday and Saturday of May.

Visitors can check the Event Schedule for the USVI at: to find Carnival schedule information each year.

Sunday Hours: While Sunday hours are usually half day, closing time 1pm; there are exceptions created by the number of ships in port. When there are no ships in port, some stores won't open at all. If there are several ships in port some stores might stay open until 3pm.


It depends on whether there are ships in port. If there are then the shops are open and the hours are usually 9am to 5pm. If there is a ship in late then some stores stay open later. If there are no ships then the hours vary by store. For more information:

Crown Bay: Generally 9am to 5pm when ships are in port. More Information

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