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Default In The Minority

I am not quite Diamond + yet, but will be soon. I do not have a problem with the upcoming lounge change. It means more when you reach a level that more than one third of the ship does not have. I know when we cruised with my Father and sister on occasion we would take them into the lounge and we should not have. It gets too crowded on occasions. Others probably do the same. With a smaller amount of people using the lounge it will become less crowded and more enjoyable to use. They should also add 50 to 100 free internet minutes for Diamond + members. Also, redo the coupon books so Diamond members have a few more perks and not combine the coupon book with Diamond + members. They should have their own book with more benifits including free laundry service a time or two. When you can get 2 credits for a 3 day cruise in a suite, as previously mentioned, it just does mean that much to reach Diamond. Just my thought. I am doing a 2 week cruise in September to Alaska and will not be able to use the lounge, but am taking the Oasis in December so will be available. After that will be Diamond +, so hopefully will not increase the number of cruises needed.
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