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Originally Posted by WildRover
I am still of the opinion that RCL doesn't make as much money off of repeat cruisers as it does off of new cruisers.

Repeats are less likely to buy pics, take the expensive excursion, go to the spa AGAIN, and know their way around a coupon book like no others. They know that onboard sales are ripoffs, and how to get a pricedrop faster than most TAs. And OBC? They know more about this than RCL! These are experienced bargain hunters! And I believe they spend less and less on board every time they cruise.

I also believe RCL knows this through tracking so this move was a calculated gamble maybe to get Diamonds to aspire to Diamond Plus and fast.
RCI may make less money per cruise on experienced cruisers (although we spend plenty of money onboard, I think we may be exceptions to the rule) but we cruise more that somebody who tries it once and never goes back. And in these tough times, I have to think that it's harder to get somebody to cruise for the first time than it is to get somebody back onboard.

These changes have been talked about for quite some time, and I know of several CCers who cruised like crazy to get to DP "in time." Do you think RCI may have planted that rumor in advance to boost sales? (asked rhetorically - I believe that the answer is yes)?
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