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Originally Posted by critterchick
Originally Posted by felix_the_cat
Originally Posted by jaxon
One of you will have the answer to my question. To be a diamond, doesn't all of your cruises to reach that status have to be on RCCL? I am platinum but most of my credits are with Celebrity -- isn't platinum as high as I can go with combining?
You must earn your status to be D/D+ on RCL. To be elite on Celebrity you must earn your status on Celebrity. For the first level (gold) there is no match. Once you reach the second level you will be recognized as such on each line.

Celebrity really has nothing to offer anyway. We were invited to a party - that's all.
Not quite right. We are Elite on Celebrity because of our Diamond status on RCI. We took our first Azamara cruise (they share Captain's Club with X) in December and were Elite for that sailing.

But you're right about the lack of perks. We had a cocktail party, a coupon for $10 of complimentary laundry/dry cleaning and $10 of free Internet for each of us.

X does not have an equivalent to D+, so you'd have to have 24 cruise credits on RCI to get to D+.
I was on the Millie in January. I didn't get the comp laundry and the internet I recieved was not that much. We are D+ with RCL. Guess they are making changes there too without any fanfare.
Dec. 13 - Windstar sailing yacht. Wonderful!!

Just completed - Celebrity Reflection, Nov. 22 (learning to sail solo) followed by Independence of the Seas Nov. 30.

44 cruises - too many to list however cruiselines are in no particular order:

and some unknown tub

Yes, I'm a Royal Chump and proud of it.
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