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I watch the capers for one of their specials. I was able to buy a $45 package for 60 minutes and got 60 minutes free. On the first sea day they would match the packages, so it ended up working for me. I have a wifi card in my laptop so didnt need to rent one from them. I could only get one bar on my laptop in the internet cafe. On the fantasy they said they did not have stern to bow wifi, however i could get 4 bars in my room. I mainly used it to communicate with my parents, to make sure things were okay. With my own laptop i could compose while offline then copy and paste, into the webmail so it all worked out fine. Not sure if I'm taking my laptop on the next cruise. It is heavy so if i do bring it, I am getting something with wheels to carry it in. We cruise in hurricane season when it is cheaper so i like to be able to get online and check the weather when needed too since you dont always get the best info from the crew.
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