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Namvet4, as you say the best deal is to alert crew when either adults or children are so in your face by action that they are beginning to affect your cruise experience and enjoyment.

People should not have to live with some child’s "experience" or another adult’s “experience” when either is being "obnoxious" towards others.

But, if the passengers ignore it, grumble to themselves, and then just talk behind people’s backs.... then you can bet the line will do the same thing.

However, if people don’t ignore it and say something formal to the line, you can bet the line will take action on said person(s). They will not allow the minority to spoil it for the majority as after all potentially they are next year’s customers.

Problem is and either adult or child, other people watch it, experience it, and then walk away. There is the problem, by ignoring or not wanting to “get involved”. It gives free reign to those that do things others would not accept socially or want to experience at home or at sea.

They have the balls to do it, create "this experience for others" and what they do is so bad at home most normal people would not put up with it

But unfortunately those that would "normally" criticise them don’t have the balls to stand up to them by even reporting them to the ships authority.

So, they win, they will keep going and keep doing it, the other passengers that don’t like it… slope off with a memory of this cruise, and showing no balls in that they could not even talk to the desk about their concerns or experience,,sad.

Maybe if more griped at the cruise desk about said adults and children, then there would be less of them to gripe about on here.

It's the majority handing the initiative to the minority, as they are scared to "say" something or react

Thats the saddest bit
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