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Default Re: packing for a 4 day - do it in a carry one and pers item


Originally Posted by You
My DH and I would like to take a four day cruise. Can we pack everything we need in a carry on a piece and a personal item a piece? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
I would not do it unless you are on a cruise line that does not hold "formal" evenings. Most cruise lines do hold one "formal" evening -- for which you will need very dressy attire -- on a four-night cruise so you'll need a formal dress and your husband will need a tuxedo or a dark business suit with shirt, tie, and accessories. Also, each of you will need dress shoes. I can put five changes of "casual" clothing in a carry-on with no problem, but carry-on bags are not really big enough for the formalwear.

There is one significant consideration to bear in mind. There are some items that the U. S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permits in checked luggage but forbids in carry-on luggage. You will have to check at least one piece of luggage if you wish to bring any such items.

Note, also, that the TSA has imposed the "3-1-1" rule on liquid and gel tolietries and cosmetics (this includes things like toothpaste) in carry-on luggage, including personal items.

>> The containers must be no larger than THREE fluid ounces (3 fl. oz.). Note that it's the size of the container that matters, so a 6 oz. bottle that's only half full is NOT acceptable.

>> Each passenger must pack all of such containers in ONE (1) sealed transparent plastic bag (ZipLok, etc.) no larger than ONE quart (1 quart).

>> At the security checkpoint, each passenger must remove the plastic bag from his or her luggage and put it into a separate plastic bin for scanning.

These restrictions do not apply to toiletries and cosmetics in checked luggage. Thus, it's really easier to put the toiletries and cosmetics into a checked bag and not have to deal with this hassle.

Some time ago, I put togther a packing list for a two-week Celebrity cruise and a lot of tips that I have garnered over a decade of cruising, and started the "Packing Made Simple" thread. At the time, Celebrity was still holding "Informal" evenings, which most lines had dropped but which also required dress clothing, in addition to the "Formal" evenings. If you remove the items for the "informal" evenings from that list and divide all of the quantities by three (3), rounding up, you should come out about right.

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