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Default Crown and Anchor Club on St Thomas & San Juan?

While browsing a website dedicated to a tour of Grandeur Of The Seas I came across a page that described a brick and morter "club" called "Crown and Anchor" situated in both St Thomas and San Juan. I had never heard of these places and I'm thinking that they no longer exist. The website has a 1998 copyright. Can anyone shed some light on this? Here is the description straight from the website:

Now that the tour of Grandeur of the Seas is completed, I wanted to include one more thing offered to passengers on Royal Caribbean, the Crown & Anchor Clubs. These clubs, located in San Juan, and St Thomas, provide passengers on Grandeur of the Seas, and other ships of Royal Caribbean International, a place of respite, right in the heart of these old towns.

Entry to these exclusive clubs is gained by showing your cruise card. Once inside, passengers may sink into the comfortable couches and cool down, resting feet weary from shopping; obtain a refreshing beverage, with or without alcohol; use the rest rooms; deposit packages; or, obtain information on other Royal Caribbean Cruises.

On a hot day, these clubs can be godsends! No other cruise line provides anything even remotely similar! Enjoy!

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