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Well lets see.....

The technical version of Geocaching....

We use mutlimillion dollar military satelites to find tupperware containersin the woods around the world.

And the layman's terms....

You create an account on a website, which I don't think i'm permitted to say here publiclly. Buy yourself a handheld GPS unit, enter the coordinates of the longitude and latitude of the location from the website, and then follow the GPS to the "cache". Inside you will find any variety of things, from trinkets to some intriging things. You can also find "Travel Bugs" which you remove from that cache, log it, and move it to another cache somewhere else. It could be 1 mile away to 1000 miles away. And your bug accumulates frequent travel miles and some have gone 20, 30, 50 thousand miles around the world.

There are approx. 782,581 caches around the WORLD....
There are approx 74,563 account holders just on this one website.

You wouldn't believe where some of these "caches" are hidden...probably right under the park bench seat you might be sitting at on vacation or your local park.

The fun of it is the HUNT, not really the things inside the cache. And to see some of the creative designs for caches people have come up with.

Some ARE in tupperware containers, some are in tree stumps, magnetized to bench seats. Look at the website and look at pictures of some of them and they are very cool.

Well I hope I explained Geocaching enough, but if not, let me know. PM me if you want to know the website or let me know if I am allowed to post it here.

Thank you.....


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