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Originally Posted by showcat
I do not agree it is the communist countries goal to destroy the US. That is Mcarthy era propogada!

Having dated a man from Russia we discussed many things good and bad about their governing systems vs ours, at least Communist countries have FREE health care, unlike here where the greedy drug companies, and insurance companies are ripping everyone off, and millions of Americans with no health care!

Health care might be free but the cost of going into the hospital is expensive . Unlike our system you had to bribe (pay) for clean sheets , towels etc . This info is what friends of my dad who lived in the USSR told us. The only people who everthing for free was the higher level members of different porganizations (Gov , KGB etc) . The general population didn't have time or the money to get sick . They spent many hours a day just to get their basics.

I agree with Micheal Moore who took sick Americans to Cuba to recive drugs and treatments, and welcomed helping American citizens who could not recieve health care or afford drugs here. See the movie Sicko.

Cuba rates much higher in health care then the U.S! The same drugs we pay hundreds of dollars for are only a few dollars there.

I would like to visit this island, a goverment offical told me the old policy is still in place as a tribute to President Kennedy, but this is outdated thinking. I also plan to visit Vietnam.

I say to each country it's own,I see no need for old thinking that everyone needs to have a Capitolist system.
Our "great" country buys most of it's things from China and 3rd world companies. US companies open in places that have cheap labor and sweat shops, deplorable work conditions. Is this right? No it's Greed plain and simple. Just look at the greed in this country that caused our current economic collapse. No flag waving here, the US could learn much from countries like Canada!

I look forward to visiting Cuba one day, they are our neighbor and we need to extend the Olive branch and stop punishing the Cuban people. Both sides would win.

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