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Default Re: Transportation from Heathrow to Southampton

Originally Posted by pjjmjl
What are the choices for transportation to and from Heathrow to Southampton, we are cruising on the Grand Princess 7/18/09....
The most convenient is to use the cruise line transfers but my experience with them is if you're over 6' tall it isn't a comfortable ride. There was insufficient legroom for me to sit straight in the seat. I'm 6'2" and rode side saddle for two hours. If you have a carry-on that is larger than a purse you will have to stow it in the luggage area under the passenger compartment. The overhead bins are very small and there is very little room under the seat.

A private car will run you around 150 - 175 pounds. There are also shuttle, coach and train services available. Here is a link to a decent site that gives you an idea of the options you have.

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