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Originally Posted by WildRover
A terminal bldg that holds 3000 but a ship that is disembarking 5000 and embarking 5000 more all at the same time? I am no math whiz but I think there might be a problem. Or is this that new math I used to hear so much about?

God help Orlando airport and those poor locals that actually use the highway to get someplace other than Port Canaveral.

RCL might want to call Disney to get some tips on crowd control and how to move huge amts of people effeceintly.
There won't be 5000 people getting on or off at the same time. It's always over a period of a few hours so I don't see a problem. If they do it like Celebrity did with the Solstice, you will be surprised at how fast embarkation and debarkation is. I was on the ship within 10 minutes of arrival. There were 60 agents to check people in.

Debarkation was a breeze. My number was 19 and we walked off at 9:00 am. Groups were small, luggage was arranged by number. We got to the Ft. Lauderdale airport by 9:20.

Oasis is sailing from Port Everglades which is a long way from Orlando and Port Canaveral. You can see all the ships from the Ft. Lauderdale airport, it's only about a mile from the port.

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