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Just returned from a 7-day cruise (4/5/09) through Western Carib on Freedom of the Seas and the NoroVirus was in full force in the ship. Lots of cruisers were sick and many were quarantined for 48 hours (not allowed to leave their cabins). So many of the staff were sick they had show performers serving breakfast and other staff working double shifts. You couldn't go anywhere without having to wash your hands in Purel and more of the staff spent time wiping down handrails than anything else. It was a BAD experience and Royal Caribbean was so generous in offering quarantined customers a voucher for a small portion of their next cruise on RC -- what a joke. This is the same ship that had a major Norovirus outbreak back in 2006, enough so that the CDC came in to supervise the cleaning of the ship. Not my idea of a vacation.
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