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The dreaded " norovirus " is not something unique to cruise ships. Somewhere along the line, as with many other misconceptions about cruising, someone hung the blame on the cruise industry for people becoming sick with what is called on land, '"stomach flu" and other related illnesses.
When you ask if someone would cruise on a ship that has had the dreaded
" noro ", why not ask would you send your kid to school that has had the same thing? Every year there's many more outbreaks of this at schools, offices, etc. than on all the cruiseships combined. Yet, it's not worthy of national news--maybe a mention by the local news but that's it. Every year at schools, there's outbreaks of something--strep throat, colds, flu, etc. etc.
The schools are cleaned, etc. and the beat goes on. Pity a ship that has a similar problem!
A ship has people confined in close proximity for a week or so. If someone happens to bring the a virus aboard, it quite naturally has an opportunity to be spread and affect several people simply because of this proximity.
The crew cleans as best they can and rightfully so. Some people see this cleaning and view it as some sort of admission of guilt by the cruiseline for the sickness. With regards to some of the crew being sick too, naturally some of the crew will get the illness as they, after all, are the ones handling your dirty utensils, making your soiled beds, cleaning you soiled toilets, and etc.
If everyone aboard the ship practiced the simple task of washing their hands after using the bathroom, scratching their rear, picking their nose, and various other vulgar acts, the threat of the " noro" would drastically be reduced.
Imagine this if you can-- How many people go to Walmart, Krogers, etc.
everyday and handle the carts with dirty hands. They handle money, pick up and sit down items in the store, cough, sneeze, etc. and then someone comes behind them, handles the same cart, the same items, gets some of the same money back in change, etc.
Then a few days later there may be a hundred people sick but no one
connects it to the store--why??--because the hundred that's sick is spread out for miles in all directions and never even thinks they got sick from being in the store. Same thing on a ship except as I said before, people are all close for a few days and the news of " noro " spreads as quickly as the rumor mill can spread it.
With regards to your mentioning of eating at restaurants that had a history of food poisoning , there's so much difference in food poisoning and noro that no comment is necessary.
You say lots were sick and many quarantined--do you have the numbers as to how many? Dozens, hundreds, thousands, --just curious.
We all want to place the blame for everything that happens on someone or something.
As long as there are people in the world, there will be sickness, illnesses, diseases, etc. that are spread to each other. If we happen to get sick on a ship--it's the ships fault. On a plane, it's the planes fault. On a train, has to be the trains fault. We , as individuals are never to blame for anything,
except wanting to blame someone for something.
Don't scratch, pick. wipe, etc. without thoroughly washing. Healthy sailing to all.
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