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Originally Posted by Taz
I have never been affected inside or outside our Balcony rooms by smokers. The casino and bars are a different story though.

This opens a whole new discussion about banning smoking completely from all ships. I would be a strong supporter of having non-smoking ships.

It was interesting to witness a couple weeks ago in the main theatre when at the start of each show (when the anouncement reminding everyone that there is no smoking allowed) was made there was a very big cheer from the audience.

Having never smoked it would suit me fine but I am sure it would be tough for people that do to stop for such long times.

Perhaps they could design a smoking room in one of the very large "smoke stacks"

What are the thought out there
ok, here we go again; we are not yet, at a stage in the smoking/non smoking society to support a non smoiking ship..It has been tried, didn't work....!!! Cut and dry..

Most ships only have 1 smoking bar so even your argument there doesn't hold much water. A few ships allow smoking in a couple of the bars. NCL usually only has one bar (the casino bar) that allows smoking and some areas outside. he casino is the one area where smoking can be a problem for non-smokers. Luckily many ships now have a couple of non smoking days or nights in the casino: problem, they do not get nearly as large of crowds..

Smoking has not been allowed in the showrooms or dining rooms for many years. When we frist cruised they had smoking and non smoking tables for meals and smoking was allowed everywhere on the ships. Of course in those days the majority of adults were smokers. Thank goodness now, most of us have quit..

For now we will have to learn to get along with each other and make confromisis.. I think most of us can do that..

ELF, yes, Carnival had a non smoking ship, they did lose money but my understanding was, they had trouble filling the ship as well as smokers are bigger drinkers. I don't think that is totally the truth and I have never had a sales rep from Carnival tell me or tell anyone in our company that was the reason. I have heard the ship was not selling out, partly because it was very hard to book large groups, which is one place ships make their money.. Most large groups have a mixture of smokers and non smokers...

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