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Originally Posted by glgolfer
Originally Posted by Royalchump
Take a hike dude.
I think I mentioned The RA announcement.

Did'n't know I have to mention a crappy T-Shirt, a little pin thingy and a tote bag which is ugly as hell and will end up in the attic. It was free stuff and that's what it looked like. I focused on the event and not what I can get out of these events which is essentially bragging.

How much was all that worth? The same T-Shirt, bag and pin was handed out the next day at the booth at the trade show- freely to anybody walking up.

Now do I have to list all the free stuff I got at the trade show as well?
Want me to tell you the color underwear I was wearing?

Your comment
oliver forgot that big freebie. but he probably didn't take the lollipop because of his high moral standards unlike us shills for rci.
is a-typical of some of the RCs. Trash talk.

And I didn't get a lollipop. I don't like lollipops.
Not what I heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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