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Default Re: Royal Ambassadors/Aqua Theater Experience

Originally Posted by sd2009
Originally Posted by FL_Cruiser64
I believe I dropped that designation before as a pre-RC possible designation.

But finally they are here: the Royal Ambassadors. Weeeeeee....hahahaha
But this time the 'job' is of much less weird and 'secret' selection and rather clear in its job description: merely a thank you to TAs.

The membership was given away at the end of the Aqua Theater Experience. Which brings me to a quick review.

The even was rather uneventful. A few dive shows, a trampoline show and some synchronized 'chicks'.

I took some pics and video but not sure if they came out OK since the lighting wasn't the best.

It dragged on forever - too many speeches: Fain, Goldstein, Freed, Port Director, and the Broward tourism official.

The only interesting tid bit I got from those speeches was from the port director. The terminal being build is supposed to be able to hold 3000 passenger on the second floor. The goal is to reach a embarkation time frame from curbside to boarding of 15 minutes(!).

Oasis is also supposed to have disembarkation and embarkation at the same time.

Tuesday I will see which pics came out OK to be uploaded.
Yours is quite the balancing act. You berated the RCs for bragging about their invites and yet you mentioned this invite a number of times and then rushed back not only to say that you went but also to say you weren't impressed. Seems like you're playing it both ways, Oliver.
Obviously the three of you just came over here to turn CM into CC. I am delighted to see that. Not that you want to turn CM into CC but the way you have been 'operating' on CC with your RC gang.

I really hope that Kuki and Paul leave this thread standing as is.

Back to subject: I made clear that the invitation was mainly part of cruise3sixty which was CLIA's trade show, conference and seminar days which ended today. While it was not an open to the public event (neither was cruise3sixty) it was not an exclusive event. Though I was surprised to see that RCs were invited. After all, these type of things are for sales purposes.

For me, and other cruise consultants and travel agents this invitation was 'not' a special invitation. RCI send an e-mail out to most conference participants and it was a first-come-first-serve type of thing.

I confirmed that invitation since I know that in my circle of friends and family members as well as on CM there are people interested in Oasis. I also made it clear that I will 'suffer' through the event for others BEFORE I even went there.

But it must have gone totally past you. If you read, read everything. Not just what fits your purposes.

It is truly sad that you and others not only carry that attitude at CC but also carry it on other sites like CM and CruiseTalk.

You all could learn a lot from PH8 about social etiquette. While she is not my favorite (and I am not hers) I was impressed that she is actually able to 'cross' the line of differences and said 'hi' to me.
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