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if i had ever found you in all that mess, i would have said hi, too. i have nothing against you personally as you seem to have against the rc. i was just pulling your chain about the lollipop and injecting a little humor. i don't think either one of us can be bought for a lollipop or a teeshirt. and i hope everyone here appreciates your sacrifice.
enjoyed your reaction to my post though.
and i wasn't replying to anything you said, just countering the bias represented by the post i did reply to.

i really enjoyed your take a hike dude comment. i haven't been banned here, so i think i'll stay a while and we'll see who is the most helpful and honest in answering questions.

just a thought, you're allowed to post anything, but i'm not unless i agree with you. you're allowed to offend me, but i'm not allowed to offend you. interesting concept that seems to be what is taught on most college campuses today. i'll let the folks here judge.
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