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I wonder why the cruiseline doesn't try to place families together as much as possible. If I was traveling with children I would appreciate my children being able to make friendships with children closer to their own age on the cruise. I think it would also take some of the pressure off of mom and dad while in the diningroom. Just my two cents. On the other hand, if I perfer adult conversation, so if I ask to move tables the next evening, I hope that the families would not take it personally. Just my choice. I have no issue traveling with children. I am the one who will hold the door open for you, help you collect stray kids running down the hall, pick up a lost shoe etc...Smile at you when your child is ready to throw a nutty. Been there, done that. But, on a trip I am glad to be past that and will occassionally seek that out. Nothing against the kids, just my choice.

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