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Default another RC speaks up

Ok, my ears were ringing.......heard my name mentioned so figured I'd post my two cents......

I was indeed invited to the "event" as a RC,Im was never in writing ,but Im sure thats why.

My husband and I arrived to the event early enough to get to enjoy some of the food and drink.That is when we ran into FLCruiser and amazingly enough,it was all very cordial.But come on,would anyone think we would be casting harsh words there??? I think we are too civil to do that(well, at least in person We save that stuff for online posting).

The event itself was just as the others described.Displays,food,drink,games,shows,speeches ,etc.........and did I mention HOT and really HUMID????????? It was unbearable at times.Maybe if one was dressed in shorts,it wouldn't had been so bad,but seeing as the event started at 8pm,we tended to dress up a bit more.

The gifts we got may not be exactly what we wanted,but hey,we didn't have to get anything,did we?? I plan on giving my stuff to a TA.I have no need to wear a Tshirt that says TRAVEL AGENT on the back. (but the lollipos were good--hehe)

So there you have it,the opinion of yet another RC!!
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