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Our approach here is that we really try not to offend people. Sometimes someone says something that someone else gets offended at. It is not intended to insult by the first party, but it happens.

At that point we like to invoke the old "stop - think - defuse" rule. Kind of like those old commercials trying to stop gang violence.

If someone gets overly offended by a post where you did not mean to offend, please just say "sorry, i didn't mean it that way" and drop it.

If you get offended by something someone says, then we also urge you to say "I am sorry old chum, but I don't believe I fully grasp your meaning, Are you intending to imply some sort of malfeasance on my part? because If I am indeed guilty of such a lapse in ettiquette then I must beg your indulgence as i apologize profusely."

Or something else equally civilized and politically correct. The best way to win points online is to be humble, and knowlegable and helpful at the same time. The fastest way to lose points is to demand respect.

The truth is we don't keep score here for anything. We all try to help. Im very bad at names so I will never remember if you are more helpfuul than someone else. personally, I judge comments, not people. I don't even notice who says them most of the time.

I have edited this post to try to keep it on topic.
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