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I have traveled on multiple ships that have had a current outbreak and a previous outbreak. In fact, we were on the Freedom the first sailing following the apparently now infamous outbreak in 2006. The sailing two weeks before us had a large outbreak and the week before us still had a smaller outbreak despite the efforts of the crew to clean the ship.

When we arrived (early) at the security check-in at the port there was a slightly longer than normal delay to start allowing people to board. Finally a RCCL staff person (oh, I pitied that woman!!) came out and informed everyone that RCCL had voluntarily postponed our sailing while they did a thorough cleaning of the ship.

We were not allowed to sail until Tuesday (instead of Sunday) while they did a complete cleaning of the ship, not once, but twice. If there was anyone who got sick on our sailing I did not hear about it and you can be sure everyone was keeping an ear out, so I am sure the rumors would have been flying!

BTW, Royal Caribbean took very, very [/u]good care of us before during and after the sailing.

I have had the norovirus twice and believe me it is not fun. Neither time was on board a ship or close enough from returning from a cruise to have contracted it on board.

I would not hesitate to sail on any ship for this reason and I am always conscious of safe practices for cleanliness. Could it happen? Yes, but it could (and has!!) happen anywhere. [/u]
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