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Default Re: another RC speaks up

Originally Posted by PH8
Ok, my ears were ringing.......heard my name mentioned so figured I'd post my two cents......
You heard your name ringing because I actually complimented you.

Originally Posted by katlady
I have a question. This may sound dumb because I'm not a TA and have never been to this event. Was Oasis there? Where you on the ship looking at the "Aqua theater" ? If the ship wasn't there was the "aqua theater" a replica of what the "Aqua Theater" will be? Also will the theater be used for swimming during the day? Is RCL going to charge for the shows or are they including in the fare price?

I'm like most people posting here we are wondering about Oasis. Will I cruise her? Probably not she is in Florida and I'm in California. So on top of the per person cost of the cruise I would have to pay airfare.
Not a dumb question. I certainly expected to have some kind of Aqua Theater background or something. It was just done in the diving pool.

I upload some pics tomorrow. The videos have to wait. It was bad lighting and my cam is not made for night time movies. I have to work on them a little. here is an example
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