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It is really interesting to me to hear from "experienced" cruisers how almost all have come to accept the norovirus as a normal occurrence (expectation) on cruise ships. While I may not be experienced in cruising, I think any hospitality organization that has come to accept 3% sickness of their clients as a pain threshold must care a lot more about their bottom line than the comfort of their customers.

Although I personally avoided the sickness, what I found incredulous was RCI's attitude to the whole ordeal. If this is such a normal occurrence, then RCI was not well prepared to handle it.

Their idea of quarantine: let's take a person with no symptoms and isolate them in a cabin with someone that is throwing up violently and having their intestinal plumbing system completely evacuated.

Their idea of communication: not letting anyone know how many people on board are sick, but making announcements letting people know of a GU illness (they were very careful to avoid using the words "virus" or "outbreak")

Their idea of containment: shoving Purel and Handi-wipes in your face at every turn, but never communicating what it is that they were really trying to contain and how it is actually spread

Their idea of building customer loyalty: offering a customer that they have quarantined for 48 hours a very partial discount on their next cruise with them -- thanks, but no thanks!

The good thing is that to my knowledge, the NoroVirus has never killed anybody -- although I am sure there have been a lot of sick people on RCI ships that wish they could just die and be put out of their sick misery.

Everyone should learn to expect more from a luxury cruise line and not drink the kool-aid they are being fed!
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