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Maybe I'm missing something, as I'm kinda on the dense side to begin with---but exactly what would you have had RCCL to have done to contain the " illness " and try to keep other people from getting it? If I read your posts correctly they cleaned the ship, they handed out hand cleanser (they were aware that a lot of people would not wash their hands ) to try to assure people had clean hands, thereby limiting the spread of the virus as much as possible, they put people who had the illness and their cabin mates
in quarantine, not to punish anyone but again, to try to limit the outbreak and keep it at a minimum. Sounds like they did a hell of a job as if I understand it correctly, there were approx. 100 people who reportedly were sick.
I'm sure the public and the cruise lines would like to hear how you could have handled it better, so they will better deal with it in the future.

I would like to hear how you would propose to keep people from bringing illnesses aboard--what do the cruise lines need to do--have everyone given a physical prior to boarding ? Bring a note from their doctor that they have been given a clean bill of health within the last 3 days prior to sailing ?
I don't want to keep beating a dead horse but it seems that's it's hard for some people to understand that a ship, no matter how large, is still a small confined space on the ocean with several thousand people aboard, that they stop at ports, people go ashore and bring back who knows what in the way of germs, etc. from some of those ports and then if 100 out of 3-4000 get sick, it's a calamity, all the fault of the cruise line.
In my first post on this I mentioned Walmart and Krogers and how this same " illness " is spread in stores, etc. and is much more prevalent in schools, nursing homes, etc. than on ships. Here's a true story that I witnessed at a large store today that made me think of this post re / the Freedom:
I was starting up an isle and the way was blocked by a young, extremely pretty, well built female who was stopped to talk to someone . She had on a pair of black skin tight stretch pants and I do mean tight. I was standing approx. 3-4 feet behind her, waiting to get around her with my cart. She calmly reached back, ran her hand down the back of her pants and proceeded to scratch something for approx 6-8 seconds. Now I am slightly familiar with female anatomy to a certain extent and from where she had her hand scratching, it could have been one of two places, or possibly both. She finished her scratch, and placed her had back on her cart handle and continued on. I'm sure some unsuspecting soul later on had that same cart . Maybe they'll get sick, maybe not but the point is, it's a lack of hygiene that prompts this type of so-called illness. It happens ashore, afloat and everywhere there's people.

I'm sailing the Freedom this coming fall and may get sick--may be killed in a wreck getting to the dock, may be hit by lightning, or my wife may catch me and my 3 girl friends and do me in--who knows--but I'll not let the extremely slim chance of getting the stomach flu, 24 hour bug, ( aka noro ) keep me away. Remember to wash after you pick, wipe and scratch.
Happy and Healthy sailing to all.
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