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Cruiser 00,

It is obvious that you are upset with your cruising experience, especially because it appears to have been one of if not your first. I am truly sorrythat was at least a "sort of" introduction to the industry.

Believe me when I tell you that those who have countered your arguments are correct. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the illness itself, your physician could have told you everything mentioned above.

If again you cruise, you undoubtedly will cruise another line and human nature being what it is, will undoubtedly excoriate RCL to your fellow passengers on that vessel.

But what will you do if and when Norovirus reocurrs on your new cruiseline of choice? I assure you, it will be handled the same way. Hopefully, however, that will never occur.

Obviously, any form of travel has its health hazards. In my earlier post I think I validated that the chances of it actually occurring to a particular passenger are extremely slim. It looks as if you simply had the bad luck to draw a "3" as opposed to an "ace."

Oh, and as for your remark of the Cruise Lines that they "accept 3% sickness of their clients as a pain threshold must care a lot more about their bottom line than the comfort of their customers," here yet again is a classic example of an individual reading what they want to read rather than what is actually written. The 3% is not an "acceptance factor." It is, purely and simply, a Federal reporting regulation.

Yes, we're biased but I am always open to criticism of the industry having levied some myself. But I do urge that you take the time as regards a problem to educate yourself as to all facets of the problem prior to casting aspersions. To do so will most certainly provide something you so severely lack in this instance and that simply put, is your credibility. Familiarity with any problem will also stand you in good stead regardless of whatever complaint you may levy in the future.

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