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Originally Posted by Sanjoseca
Originally Posted by felix_the_cat
Originally Posted by Sanjoseca
OK, I'll take the other free gift that was given I said, I'm not proud.....something about a gift in a mouth on a horse.
If I had one I would give it you (or any of the other cheesy sounding gifts) but I didn't attend. I prefered to visit with friends. Sounds like I made the best decisiion.
Nah, probably not the best decision.......PH8 and Paul just love sucking up to the brass at those events.....they just don't want anyone to know it. Did you know that PH8 is Richard Fains daughter? That's how she became a Royal Champion. :-)

I grew up not too far from you....Streetsville.....outside of Missisauga.
I haven't heard it called Streetsville in years. Not since they amalgamated all the buroughs and made such a mess of Toronto. Do you know that Toronto has higher property tax than any other place in Canada and they get less for it. (Sorry - no more rant.)

I knew there had to be a reason why she was choosen to be a RCer. Now, everyone else's reasons are?????
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