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Originally Posted by dave 3261
How many shares to get these benefits?[/i]
100, it's always 100 , 100 shares of stock in the fianace world is called a "lot" or a "round lot".

Please be careful buying a stock without doing research about the company. People are always forgetting that buying stock is buying a piece of a company. If you went out and bought part of a company you would research; so treat this the same way. On the upside the entire stock market took a dump (there is a PRO to every CON) so stocks are on sell pretty cheap right now. Here is information on RCL.

My suggestion is if you don't know what P/E, Market CAP, or EPS means then you should find out before you buy any shares of stocks. If you don't know the difference between technical stock analysis and fundamental stock analysis then you should learn about that to. Would I advise you to buy this stock. I don't advise anyone about stocks; I'm not licensed and it's a violation of SEC rules. I would give the same advise if this was posted on the Carnival thread. Never buy 100 shares of a company in hopes of saving money off a cruise, you should buy stock because you believe the company is a good one to invest in. Stock ownership is NOT gambling.

Okay I'm done. I'm sure I spelled fianance wrong at least once in this post. I have seen too many good people get hurt in the stock market to be so casual about investing in stock and I just want to warn you to be careful. BTW I'm not an expert in trading stocks, the more I know about the stock market, the more I know I don't know much.
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