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i called and talked to the state dept/passport people, they basically said if i want it fixed BEFORE my cruise its going to cost me quite a bit of money for the overnighting and blah blah...but they cannot GUARANTEE that it will be back before my cruise, in which i would be SOL because they would have not only his pass port although mispelled but also his birth cert. AGAIN. but then i talked to a lady at customer service from CARNIVAL and she started off by saying, "relax, you are cruising in 27 days and it is going to be an awesome vacation" i took a deep breath and she followed up by saying, "by the way, your husbands middle name isnt on the reservation, nobody would be questioning it" she was so pleasant and awesome! i felt better after talking with her, GOOO CARNIVAL there is a reason i came back to this company.

i just hope that customs doesnt question it when we are trying to embarck not going to worry because im cruising in 26 days!

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