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Default Re: What should I expect to spend?

Originally Posted by Akelli
I am trying to figure out what I should expect to spend for extras? What should I allow for per day for my DH and myself while on the ship? We plan on taking a few cokes w/us so, we should need the "soda card". What do you normally spend/allow for?

Your onboard account will be a minimum of $140 for the gratuities. After that you will pay for your drinks, excursions, specialty restaurant and spa.

I allocate $100/day for my expenses. This allows me to cover the gratuities (tips), drinks, sodas, restaurant and any other expenses I run up. This about $700 for the week. Others can get by with half that amount and others will easily double it. The Spa can be expensive and the more wine and drinks you have the higher your bill will be. My wife will usually have two or three drinks a day and I have a Coke whenever I want one. We also have one or two bottles of wine on a one week cruise.

This does not account for my onshore spending or gambling. Use your credit card onshore, take only the cash you need for the day when you go ashore and set a fixed amount for your gambling and you should be OK.

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