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Agreed on people that no matter what the ship, the line, the hotel, the supermarket presents to them as people as service, THEY WILL STILL FIND SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. They are a major pain in the butt, plus they want and expect EVERYONE to listen to their complaint,,,mmmm.

So, what in real life makes these people happy?

Things and actions I see from others can annoy me on a cruise, but a moaner that I think has no basis on said moan bothers me even more.

They will always moan no mattter what life presents to them, and that could be other people or "anything". But they miss what we should moan about in society,,,and thats todays "normal" people", living and reacting in their ignorance of others lifes, ie ignoring other folks and think

I paid, and do what I like on here

I paid, so I dress or act how I like

I paid, I dont care what you think of me, I dont know you, so I dont care.

So more and more we get I'M All RIGHT and people thinking we only care about ME or US, why should I / we consider your thoughts or expectation of me in this scenario?
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