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Originally Posted by showcat
I've heard Americans have been going for a long time though it's technically illegal. Cuba won't stamp your passport if you ask them not to. Speinding American money is the illegal part but if you bring Canadian dollars or other foreign currencys it's a way around that too. Most Americans enter via other countries, Mexico, Jamicia had boats to Cuba, and of course Canada. Of course I'd like to go legally.

Cuba needs trade/tourisium to open it, it would do a world of good for the people in Cuba who could really improve their standard of living. I'm holding my breath fingers crossed! Just think of this huge island to be explored so close!
Unless it's changed , the preferred currency was the US Dollar.

I personally think that Cuba was wide open to the America's.

It would turn into a country very similar as any country in

the Caribbean. I'm not against America's but have observed

what America tourist have to other poor countries.

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