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First of all, about Michael Moore, I would not put too much stock in him. Most of the time he is an idiot and generally shunned by other filmmakers(myself included) for his often erroneous controversial stances. As far as how it is likely to be approached by the American government in opening the door to Cuba, knowing how greedy politicians can be, it is most like a complete abolition of the embargo. The American economy cannot afford to reject trade with other countries, including so called threats. Many of the nations on this list, like the other poster stated, are due to McCarthy era thinking and the so called Red Scare. Others are from George W. Bush era thinking, and while somewhat relevant under the Obama administration, it is clear that some of the countries that "Dictator"(meant as a commentary on behavior patterns more than position) Bush had determined to be evil were largely in his own mind, while there are also some that present a clear and present danger to the United States. A wise leader works out things using diplomacy first, and warfare as a last resort. I honestly would like to see Cuba and Iraq both open for tourism, though Iraq is a ways off and I do wonder if there will be anything left of the sites of antiquity by the time things are done with over there. So sad that what little remains of great Mesopotamian civilizations like Babylon, Assyria, Akkad, Sumer, and Ur are being destroyed due to human conflict.

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