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Originally Posted by Maruccio
I got you, Maruccio! If a guy can't find a jacket, then send him to the Buffet. Save the blue short sleeve shirt for the beach buffet. I know, he got tired of wearing a suit when he was a corporate banker, and threw them all away when he retired. I've heard that one before on my first and last date with some of these guys.

Where did all this "men's wear" problem come from? What happened to the idea that the man is to show off his beautiful woman, who, by the way, spent eight times the price of a men's blazer on her dinner gown. What happened to his pride in her? All he needs is one black jacket, black jeans and a white tie, and he will frame her beauty with his restraint.

Thank goodness for the cruise industry, where the glamour and etiquette of a more gracious time can be experienced.
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