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Dixie Lee
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Default Re: A Few More Questions Before I Cruise

Hi, Angela,

We cruised on the Celebration in May and out of our 3 cruises on CCL, this one was our best. The ship and crew are WONDERFUL!!!!

<<<<<<1) Can you open the window?>>>>>>>>
No, you will not be able to open the window. The breeze up on deck is wonderful. Now, if you had a balcony, you could open the door, but this is hard to do when the ship is sailing because the force of the air and draft into the cabin is pretty stiff.

<<<<<<<2) Does anyone actually sleep on these cruises?? it just seems that there is too much going on to sleep...>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Yes, people do sleep. There is lots to do, but you won't enjoy it all if you are exhausted, in my opinion.

<<<<<<<<<<3) Our first port is Freeport..Any advice for cheap shopping?? Going basically broke but are hoping to bring back a little something for the family..>>>>>>>>>>
Since you are stopping in Nassau, go to the straw market. Tons of stuff for sale, everything from jewelry to clothes to bags to paintings, etc. Don't be afraid to negotiate - believe me, these people want to sell their stuff, and will do so cheap if you ask.

<<<<<<<<<<4)Shore excursion in Nassau...going to Blue Lagoon with snorkling..Has anyone done this?>>>>>>>>>>
Haven't done this personally as I don't swim so DH hangs out with me on land, but there is lots to do and snorkeling is always popular.

Dixie Lee
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