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Slapped, over, mentioning Cuban beer??
I have drank most everything , from home brew to Ky. moonshine , rum , mojitos, mai tais, Singapore Slings, mint juleps, Gauvaberry Liquor, Rum Jumbies and about everything else they can concoct at home, in the Caribbean and over the rest of the world. I have a bottle of something sitting on a shelf in front of me which my son recently brought back from China-- I have sampled it but from the way it tasted, I'll probably be a year or so in finishing it off !!
If and when I do get to Cuba, I'll order a local beer but do it on the sly so as to not be slapped, punched, kicked, beaten ,lectured, showered by history lessons on drinks and thrown in one of Castro's jails for daring to order a local beer!
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