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During Trivia, which James never joined us for, he came into the bar looking very serious, and I was instantly worried.
He informed me he had been called to the Purser's office for a phone call from his son, who told him that his oldest brother in the U.K. had died.
Of course he was devastated, but there was absolutely nothing he could do about it, as we were at sea with another 2 days before we would be home.
We relied on e-mail contacts from the ship for the next day and a half trying to get more information regarding funeral services etc. but couldn't find out anything.
As it turned out, and we didn't find this out until after we had returned home, his brother was not dead at all, and was actually on vacation in Alcudia Spain.
The phone message at our home had been completely misunderstood and it was the father-in-law of James' daughter who had passed away, and not James' brother, both of whom shared the same name!
There is a lesson to be learned from this. I can just imagine how terrible your husband must have felt. Whenever we go on a cruise (which is quite often) I always tell the people at home if anything happens that I can do nothing about I do not want to know about it until we get home.
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