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Good morning fellow Cruisemates and all the ships at sea!

Delft, it really sounds as if you can finally see the light at the end of the moving van. Don't try to do too much at once!

RDonna, I hope you had a much better night last night!

And you B/W, must be thrilled that all the HVAC work is completed at your house. I'm sure they told you but if they didn't, even when heated air is being pumped in, it probably won't feel warm like that from a furnace because it is not actually being heated even thought the temperature is high enough to warm your home. When I managed the apartment complex, I used to get calls all the time from residents who were new to heat pumps, that the unit was blowing cold air. Of course when I checked, it wasn't. I finally got wise and made up a generic hand out addressing that issue for all incoming residents that believe they use to this day.

Well, those storms are finally over. The problem is that there's a new batch coming across the country and will threaten the same areas once again. Fran is contemplating putting off our little jaunt to Pigeon Forge next Monday because that is when I guess all this weather is expected to once again slam into East Tennessee.

Actually the only things we got out of the batch just passed was some rain, lightning and thunder. It pretty much began to abate by the time it made it to us.

I feel such a sense of accomplishment this morning as regards our Humane Society as a result of just three incidents that recently occurred. By releating what follows, I ask you to please not think I'm "patting my own back" although it might sound like it, but am writing what follows as a call to those who might be so inclined but as yet are not, that they too can receive a similar sense of accomplishment by becoming more actively involved in their community in whatever capacity.

Last night the Editor of the paper called me and informed me yet again that mine was by far, the most popular oranizational column in the paper's history (I now have what amounts to a full half page devoted to us). This really generates a lot of contributions. One of our Humane Society's more significant benefactors, a retired full colonel in the US Air Force who while from here, lives out in San Antonio, Texas, also reminded me for about the tenth time that had it not been for my weekly column in the paper and my personal involvement, he'd never have even thought of donating as much as he has. He's paid the lion's portion of the cost of our spay neuter building and surgical suite as just a part of his continuing donations. Also, our Manager informed me yesterday that an elderly man had his son drive him up to our Animal Adoption Center just as we were closing. Holding one of my recent newspaper columns, the gentleman pointed to the picture of the subject of that week's offering and said that while he couldn't take another animal, he was paying the adoption fee for that particular dog. The precious canine is wonderful in all aspects but has yet to get a home after a full year and we can't figure out why. This man's generosity will definitely pave the way for the animal's adoption. Our Adoption Center Manager says that similar contributions for the same reason happen all the time.

Truth be told, I'm completely "wore out" from not only being a Board member but especially the President and it's far past the time the baton be turned over to someone else. My tenure has included a few years back, successfully negotiating one of the most difficult periods in our organization's history. I figure I've paid my dues and will step down this June, the week before we leave for our cruise. We have the most fantastic and involved group of board members in the last ten years and regardless of who replaces me, they will be up to the task. I shall, however, continue the column because, as I've been told, it's my column.

So if you've a chance and if you aren't already, please become personally involved in your community in whatever way you can. Believe me, I am a perfect example that you don't have to be a Mr. & Mrs. "Got rocks" nor do you have to have a college degree to make a contribution, in whatever manner, to your community.

So endeth today's sermon.

Prayers of course continue for those needing them and yet again I ask for Blessings to be showered upon you all.

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