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Morning All, from Montreal, where it is bright and sunny, but still only 2C with a forecast high of only 7C or 44F. At least it's not raining, which I'm sure is much appreciated by Delft as she continues with the big move today!

Despite all your "good wishes" I did NOT have a restful slumber last night, quite the contrary. I made 3 attempts at going to bed, getting up 3 times to browse the internet, read a whole magazine, and take a painkiller in hopes of getting some sleep. I was having some back issues, which I'm convinced are due to 3 days of constipation from the painkillers, so I have to stop taking those puppies!
Finally, a "Magic Sac" heated in the microwave, gave me enough relief to finally fall asleep around 5:30 am.
Unfortunately, I was awakened just after 8am by the community nurse who came to give me my injection, and take another blood test. I feel like a pin cushion!

Anyway, today looks like a good day to get outdoors. Won't be able to do all the yard work that needs doing, that can wait, but I may just sit out back and enjoy some sunshine!

Todd, funny you should mention the Humane Society this morning.
One of the things I was perusing on the internet last night were animal rescue organizations (and there are many of them in Montreal) in search of a new kitty. After losing our beloved cat last Nov. we are finally ready to adopt a new one. We miss having a kitty around the house.

Well, better get on with my day, have a good one Mates!

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