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Hello from a dreary, rainy, damp New York.

Not much planned for today - will make a vegetable casserole to take with me tomorrow for Easter dinner. Also, chilling a bottle of Pinot Grigio to go along with the dinner. My father-in-law (who is 97) will be joining us. He is an unbelieveable man - lives alone in a 6 family apartment building in Queens that he owns and manages. He is sharp as a tack and has a great appetite. Loves holiday meals and lives for dessert - cake is nothing without a little ice cream to top it off. So much for the theory that old people lose their appetites. Last year at age 96 he had his 4th total hip replacement. Yes, I said 4 - as he has out lived the 20 year life of his other hip replacements. The cardiologist told him, prior to his surgery, that he had to have a stress test. He told the doctor, "I'm here for my hip not my heart" so forget it. The doctor said OK and the surgery went on as planned.

Daughter had a good flight back from Disney. Actually left on time and arrived a few minutes early. Also, American is granting them each
3000 bonus miles for the fiasco that took place on their way down to Florida. Traffic was light and they arrived home without a hassle.

Todd - I can't wait to hear what is on your Easter Sunday menu. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be out of this world.

RD - hope you feel better soon. I have always found that anasthesia throws your body into turmoil. Once it is out of your system, you should feel better.

Beenie Weenie - I am truly amazed at your talents around the house. I can't believe how much you can do to keep things in good order.

Enjoy this Holiday weekend.

Leyla from Long Island
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