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1. Hubby and I moved to Southern NV, from Los Angeles almost 15 years ago. We have one son, 19 in college, still lives at home. We are in our late 40's.
2. I have a phobia of being on the open water and enclosed places.
3. We are doing Carnival Elation to Ensenada, out of San Diego. We choose it because it was recommended for first time curiser and I was able to get a balcony for a great deal.
4. Being seasick. I felt really bad on the ferry going to Catalina Island, but I haven't been on anything bigger than that. Also, being cold in the cabin. I understand the cabins are not heated and we are going in December.
5. My two biggest questions: How is the winery tour in Ensenada and what do the Cat 12 suites look like after the update? Oh and is decaf Green Tea available on the ship or should I bring my own for my evening cup??

This was a great idea!!

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