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I received the pouches yesterday and I think it will work veryw ell for me. It's not as wide as I'd like, so you could put your passport in there but it will hold my 2 credit cards, drivers license, medical insurance card, sail & sign card, and cash. This is exactly what I wanted for excursions as well as just roaming around the ship - except when I'm in swimsuit mode of course. I would keep $20 in my shorts pocket, of course, bu "emergency cash" would go in the pouch, so I don't have to dig into it. I can see myself reaching in to pull out a credit card if I need to, without having to pull the whole punch out from under my shirt. It works very well. I'm glad I ordered two.

It's comfortable and I will want to tuck the pouch into my bra so there is no obvious outline under a tight tank top. I was concerned that the straps that attach to the bra straps would not be out of tight but they are.

Can someone tell me how to insert a photo here into a posting? Then I can post a photo of it. Thanks!
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