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Hi JIH2007 -
Well, we are back from our cruise on the Splendor down to the Mexican Riviera - and it was fabulous! My husband, who uses a power chair 100% of the time had a great time as well.

The accessible staterooms make it very easy for those who are challenged with walking - there are plenty of grab bars in the bathroom and in the roll-in shower. The bathroom is very large to accomodate the wheelchairs too. There is also an emergency "rope" in the bathroom that summons assistance if you are to fall or whatever and there is nobody around to help you in your room. My husband did use this once, and it worked seamlessly. They came very quickly and helped him up while I was out.

There are also a couple of emergency buttons on the wall next to the beds so one can summon assistance if needed. As soon as you pull the bathroom rope or push the bedroom buttons - they will attempt to call you on the phone first to see if it is a true emergency or accidental. I hit it accidently when we first arrived as I thought it was a light switch! They called, I answered, and I told them it was an accident, and it was fine. If it is an emergency, and the person is unable to answer the phone - then they send someone.

My husband and I got off the ship in PV and Mazatlan - and not too many issues. We didn't go into town - just stayed near the ship and did the shopping and stuff - because we were afraid if we ventured into town, we may have been unable to locate an accessible bathroom for him to use if he needed it. In PV - we couldn't find a wheelchair accessible taxi anyway, so we wouldn't have been able to leave the area anyway. In Mazatlan, there were plenty of w/c taxi's around. And you are right - no way to do Cabo unless you have some ability to walk because in order to get to the tenders, you have to be able to navigate about 9 or 10 stairs down into the boat.

The one thing I noticed about the other passengers on the ship: many people do not take into consideration the limited number of elevators available and the fact that the people in wheelchairs have no choice - they are unable to take the stairs like everyone else. So, we would see people crowd into the elevators to go up or down a single floor and not opt for the stairs when they see a disabled person waiting for the elevator. Since they had the ability to walk - instead of offering the elevator space to a person in the wheelchair - they would race to take it themselves even though we had been waiting longer. It was a matter of very poor manners.. So there were many instances where we would have to wait several minutes for an elevator to get anywhere. Most of the time, I would wait with my husband but other times, I would take the stairs and wait for him on the floor we were going to. So, be ready to assert yourself when the need is there.

Hope that answers most of your questions - please let me know if you have anymore - I'm happy to answer them!
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